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Our Vision

RAG Engineers and Consultants is committed to provide cost effective, safe & efficient engineering solutions to suit the client’s requirements and schedule.

Our Mission

To be the best not the big consultancy organization harnessing our knowledge and experience to take care of Client’s interests and making them delight and not just happy.


Safety of the people and environment, use of innovative techniques and knowledge building, transparency and committed professional approach to follow the highest industry standards are our core values.

About RAG Engineers & Consultants

RAG Engineers & Consultants are an engineering consultancy company based in Aberdeen shire, Scotland and is operating across whole of UK. The company started its operations in 2014 and served the major clients in Oil & Gas, Defence and Infrastructure sectors while contracting with AMEC Worley Parson, Emerson Process Management, Waterman Group, BAE, Optimus Aberdeen & PD&MS group. The company is currently providing design and engineering services to the major EPC oil & Gas companies based in UK.

The world is moving towards a net zero emission planet and to meet this challenge, it becomes very vital for engineers to play their part in developing the cheap and sustainable designs.

At RAG we created a pool of pool of engineers with more than 100 yr of combined experience from different industry sectors to commit ourselves to develop the designs which are safe, reliable, and sustainable. We are a niche company but aiming to develop a team of engineers for comprehensive solution under one roof from design engineering to IT solutions.

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Practical and Inventive Solutions

Building Sector

We provide economical concept designs and framing systems to suit the requirements of client in steel or concrete. We produce calculations, drawings and specifications package to justify designs.

Oil And Gas Sector

We will provide complete engineering services for on shore and offshore packages including specifications, installation/testing procedures, transport analysis and foundation designs.

Specialist Services

We undertake fatigue design calculations and prepare the comprehensive report for approval or submission. We will analyse the structure on FEM to determine the principal stresses if not provided by the client.

Invest in Our Company and have

Healthy Profits for Long Term.

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Health & Safety

It is everyone’s responsibility to assess, look for, intervene and stop any unsafe or potentially unsafe activity of our people working is our number one priority.

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We ensure that the impact on the environment is minimised through design and material specifications with strict adherence to laws where applicable.

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Bonding With The Customers

Strong relationships with our customers small or big, is vital to our business, everyone at RAG Engineers is focused on customer care and their needs.

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Continuous And Sustainable Improvement

We believe that there is always a scope of improvement in every project which we do. RAG Engineers always look for innovative techniques and methods in every project small or big, so that best can be delivered to the customers. .

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We motivate our people to provide feedback and offer up solutions to every part of the business. Whether it is an internal improvement or an improvement for one of our clients.

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Commercial Responsibility

Efficient management of our client’s project posts, is key to our business. We have strong belief that project cost can be controlled and saving can be achieved through clear understating of customer requirements.


We are team of experienced engineers with combined experience of more than 100 years. We believe that every complex problem has simple solution. How so ever the project may be small or big, we follow same the professional approach with highest standards applicable to industry.


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